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Miray Ergenc Illustrator

Miray Ergenc

Illustrator & Concept Artist

My Story:

I am Miray Ergenc, a recent graduate in illustration from Ringling College of Art & Design, specializing in crafting intricate and exotic fantasy illustrations and concepts. My artistic journey began with an appreciation for art nurtured by visits to museums and art festivals alongside my parents. However, it was an animation festival at the Pera Museum in Istanbul that sparked a revelation within me. There, I witnessed how world-building, characters and their environments could evoke profound emotions, igniting my passion for the art of motion and storytelling.


Nature and culture have woven their threads into my artistic identity. The serene landscapes of my family's farm outside Istanbul and the rugged highlands of Rize, my parents' hometown, cultivated a deep connection with nature's beauty. Guided by experiences like working with Turkish artist Nilgun Sabar and participating in programs like the School of the Art Institute of Chicago PreCollege, I fortified my technical skills. This journey culminated at Ringling College of Art & Design, where I embraced the realm of 3D modeling,illustration and painting - a path that has ignited my artistic fervor.


My art goes beyond creation; it's a bridge connecting hearts and transcending boundaries.As a recent Ringling graduate, I am poised to weave new narratives, uniting souls through art's boundless power.

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Email:                                                          @mirayills on Instagram                                                  

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